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Our Story

Hey there, I'm Ann-So, the wicked mind behind Uneven. Away from mass production, my work is driven by transparency and independence. Inspired by nature, the occult and mysterious, but also from pop culture, I create what my heart desires, without limits or guidelines.

Each piece is designed and made in Quebec, Canada. Everything out of the workshop was made with care and special attention to details.

embrace the darkness

Midnight Society

For anyone who lives at night, creatures of the dark, midnight bookworms, anyone who needs a light to guide them through dark times, to all the victorian era lovers who'd love to roam the corridor of a manor with a candle stick or to anyone who simply loves candles, really!

I am so delighted with my Jack-O Pumpkin ring. I added orange sapphires for the eyes. The ring is gorgeous and very thoughtfully designed. It makes me smile every day as I put it on. The ring came packaged beautifully and arrived quickly. Now I need the post earrings to match!


Small Classic Jack-O Ring

I saw this ring browsing on etsy and immediately knew i had to have it. i at the last moment reached out to the artist to change the size i’d initially chosen and was quickly accommodated. my jewelry shipped promptly in beautiful packaging, and beyond exceeded my expectations. it fits me like a glove, and i can see the careful craftsmanship that went into this. i couldn’t have asked for a better experience. 12/10 and i will certainly be back for more.


Cemetery Gate Ring

I love my little baby snake 'portal'! I'd been having a lot of dreams of snakes recently, all good and protective, and this pendant was the perfect way to honour the messages.This piece is much lighter than I'd anticipated, which is a bit of a relief. I love my weightier talismans but can find they border on painful if worn too long. This one is so comfortable! The detail in the skin and face Ann-So was able to retain is amazing!


Huge Ouroboros Pendant

I always wear a ring with some form of eye on my middle finger. I've tried plenty of different options and this is one of my favourites (and in my opinion on of the best) for this purpose. If you're a fan of eye motifs I can't recommend this ring enough. The eye is present and eye catching without using gaudy gems or jewels that other rings often do. The detail on the ring is fantastic down to the ticks and stitching on the sides and rim. The eye itself does seem as if it follows and looks at you. Would highly recommend if that's the sort of thing you're looking for.


Eye Signet Ring

Easily one of my favourite pendants that I own. It's stunning but not overbearing. Perfect for any occasion and a piece I wear nearly every day. I've worn it at this point for over a year and a bit and it's seen me through thick and thin and I'm sure it will accompany me through much more. Would recommend for anyone in need of a comfortable and eye catching daily piece of jewlery.


Signature Pendant

I ordered the candle pendant with the 14k yellow gold flames and it is gorgeous. It was worth every cent, I wear it nearly everyday. It was even delivered before the date listed, and the customer service is top notch. The owner is so nice and answered any question I had. High quality product! <3


Midnight Society Pendant

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