Be Bold, Magical and Powerful; Be utterly yourself

Maximalist style in a conscious way


Hey there ! My name is Ann-So, I create magical and timeless adornments inspired by nature and History, with a sprinkle of audacity, for those who don't fit in a box and want to wear their jewelry as talisman and stand out while doing so. Welcome to my dream job. 

Maybe you are like me, a dark yet colorful soul, but also concerned about environment and people... I believe your style is an extension of your inner magic, can change with your mood, but should not be in the way of supporting ethical and sustainable practices.

Uneven was born out of a desire of difference, originality and quality. Away from mass production, my work is driven by transparency and independence. 

Sterling silver, crystals and stones and sometimes leather and textiles meet to offer basics with a twist and bold pieces to please any souls, dark or colourful, that choose to go off the beaten path.

Every collection is a new story to tell, a new universe to explore. Inspired by nature, the occult, spooky and mysterious, but also from pop culture, I create what my heart desires, without limits or guidelines.

Each piece is designed and made in Quebec, Canada. Everything out of the workshop was made with care and special attention to details.

I've started to create jewelry and accessories at a very young age, soon going from regular beads kits to creating with anything I could put my hands on. Living in a small town at a time when there was no online shopping nor Pinterest made my creativity bloom and my desire to make things stand out even stronger. 

Our town's jeweler introduced me to wax carving and encouraged me to get into jewelry school after high school. I am now graduated from fashion design and jewelry making and I aim to create original, timeless heirloom quality jewelry, accessories and clothing by mastering different techniques and material.

I hope my creations will help you to connect with your own power, to find balance and to grow to be a better human by being closer to nature and kinder to people. I want you to be utterly yourself.